A neuropsychological examination comprises an interview and a range of tests designed to assess information processing skills such as memory, deduction, perception, linguistic functions and possible changes in behaviour and emotional well-being. The examination usually lasts 3-4 hours and requires no advance preparation. If you wear glasses or a hearing aid, make sure to bring them along to the examination. Abstain from alcohol consumption for at least two weeks before the examination.

Most people who undergo a neuropsychological examination have a referral from their GP and take part in order to assess their working or functional capacity. Patients who pay for the examination themselves will need an SV3 referral in order to qualify for compensation from Kela.

Neuropsychological rehabilitation includes various kinds of cognitive training tasks and support discussions related to the individual's neuropsychological symptoms. Rehabilitation usually lasts months, even years, and the rehabilitation regime is designed according to the severity of the symptoms. Rehabilitation also includes informing next of kin about special neuropsychological disorders.

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